Server Upgrade - Completed

  • 10th October 2018

I am happy to inform you that your websites have all successfully been relocated to the Upgraded Server.

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Server Upgrade - Your website is moving

  • 24th September 2018
WEB MAGE has acquired New Upgraded Servers to host your websites! On Wednesday 10th October 2018 websites hosted with us will be relocated to the New Servers. To ensure that your website is still visible after this date, a small change will need to be made to your domain name (web address) as soon as possible.  I can make the change for you. If ...
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Email Handling Changes

  • 29th August 2017
All email accounts that need to send emails via scripts (e.g. contact forms sent via CMS installations such as WordPress) will need to be registered via the hosting control panel. You WILL NOT be able to receive emails from your CMS contact forms unless you register the email address used to send the email (the FROM address) in cPanel. This move ...
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Domain Price Changes

  • 2nd January 2017
The following domains have changed to reflect the increased amount that WEB MAGE is charged by our domain name registrar for securing domain names: Domain Old Price New Price £7.75 £8.00 .uk £7.75 £8.00 £7.75 £8.00 .org £9.95 £12.00 .com £9.75 £12.00
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