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WEB MAGE specialises in Responsive, Mobile Friendly website design using WordPress and Joomla. These Content Management Systems (CMS) allow you to have full control over your files and documents without needing to have any technical knowledge. This makes a CMS the perfect choice for a low cost affordable responsive website. A CMS can be used to build any type of website, including:

Online shop/eCommerce

Small business



Design Process in 3 Stages


Get in touch via the Contact page HERE to arrange a free personal website consultation. In the consultation we will discuss how you would like you site to look. If you are not sure how you would like your site to look, I can provide some design examples to help you decide. Or you may have seen a website that contains features and elements that you would like to see on your own website. Whatever you decide, I will work with you to create a design plan and quote based on your requirements.


While your site is being developed, it will be uploaded to an online test location so that you can view it before it goes live. You can request whatever changes you want throughout the process, and they’ll be integrated into the design. There’s no set limit to the number of change requests you can make. However, if you require a completely new and different design, that would require and additional new quote.

Please note that Design Phase involves two elements: Design and Content, and bringing them together to create the website. It will be your responsibility to provide all of your own text and images for use on your site.


When you're ready for the site to be launched, it will be moved from the test location and made live for all to see.

Websites from WEB MAGE are made with either WordPress or Joomla. They are very user-friendly Content Management Systems which allow you to easily update your site content. You will be given training and written instructions on how to update your content, and how to perform basic maintenance (e.g. upgrading your software, taking backups).

You will get your website created and tailored to your needs with the added benefit of being able to update it yourself rather than paying a developer to do it for you.

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