Monica is a patient, skilled Developer and Web Designer. I cannot sing her praises enough. The fusion of talent, skill and good customer service is great! Thank you!

Mark R

Really pleased with Monica's work. She listened, communicated well - setting out everything she was to deliver - and delivered on everything she promised. I expect to collaborate with her on an ongoing basis with further projects and support.

Penroom Museum

We are very, very pleased indeed with the new site, it is light years away from the previous version. You have been very patient with us along the way and will no doubt still need to be! Very much a learning curve for me but I have found Joomla quite nice to use so far and recognise the interface from other software which helps me a lot. Your continued support is very welcome, I am sure I speak for us all at the Museum. Equally we hope you have enjoyed building the site and volunteering at the museum and will continue to do so.

Mobility Advice Line

At the trustees meeting it was agreed by all what a fantastic job you have done on the website! Thank you so so very much.....having seen the website myself for the first time yesterday, I am very happy with it and the progress....Many thanks Monica for your hard work and for a professional looking website.