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WEB MAGE is here to help if you already have a website but find it hard to keep it up to date. With our Website Maintenance Plans you can rest assured knowing that your content updating needs can be taken care of. It frees you up to focus on the things you actually need a website for, while keeping the care of your site in the hands of a trusted professional.

If you have regular maintenance or updating that needs to be done, including uploading content, editing images, keeping up with an events calendar, posting blogs, uploading products or general expansion and extension of your features, WEB MAGE can take that burden off your shoulders.

Our maintenance plans are the next best thing to having your very own web IT specialist or personal assistant on staff. They promise quality, consistency, less stress and more free time for you to spend however you wish.

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WordPress or Joomla Security Updates

£35 per month

Including of the following:

  • CMS Installation updates (e.g. WordPress/ Joomla)
  • CMS plugin/extensions updates
  • Site Backup
  • Testing of the Site Backup
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Website Monitoring Add-on

£25 per month

Continuous monitoring of 1 WordPress or Joomla website to make sure it is functional, and if needed, fix any issues that arise outside of any monthly security updates. The aim is to keep the site running smoothly. Please note that this is an add-on to the WordPress or Joomla Security Updates plan.


Website Content Updates

£40 per month

Up to 2 hours of work for any type of website, including any of the following:

  • Adding and updating content such as blog posts and pages
  • Adding new pages
  • Adding products to your online shop

Contact WEB MAGE to discuss your maintenance plan.

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