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Website Hosting


Every website needs a host and a domain name. We can provide either or both. WEB MAGE hosting is full of features, including:
email accounts (e.g. yourname, website and database backup, website visitor logs/statistics and access to a wide range of software from shopping carts to SEO tools. If you're not sure what domain names and hosting are, don't worry - all will be revealed (below)!




There are three main parts to having a website:


1. The website itself

This is made up of files containing code like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, and in the case of a Content Management Systems like WordPress or Joomla, a database. These files end up creating your website design and content.


2. The place where the website files are stored

This is referred to as your host. Its job is to store your website files and serve them to browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer) that try to load your website when your domain name is typed into them.


3. The Domain name

This is essentially your websites mailing address on the internet- it's how browsers access your website. For example, the domain of this website is


These 3 things (domain registration, hosting and website design) are separate services that you can have three different companies do, or for ease of management you can have them all under one roof. You can make your life easier by registering your domain name, hosting your website and getting it built through WEB MAGE.

You don't have to register your domain name with us or host on our servers in order for us to build your website, it’s just something we offer to provide comprehensive service to the clients who choose it. It essentially allows you to outsource the technical management of your website to a professional you know and trust, instead of having to deal with multiple big tech companies.


Affordable cPanel Hosting

WEB MAGE offers in-house cPanel hosting service to our clients from £4 per month. We provide all of the services any other host would, like email address and one-click-install scripts for software like Joomla and WordPress Content Management Systems, blogs, forums, galleries and more



WEB MAGE Hosting Packages

WM Standard Hosting
£4.00GBP Monthly
Disk quota
500 MB

Monthly bandwidth

FTP Accounts

Email Accounts


Addon Domains

cPanel Hosting
WM Medium Hosting
£6.00GBP Monthly
Disk quota
1000 MB

Monthly bandwidth
10000 MB

FTP Accounts

Email Accounts


Addon Domains

cPanel Hosting
WM Large Hosting
£10.00GBP Monthly
Disk quota
2000 MB

Monthly bandwidth
20000 MB

FTP Accounts

Email Accounts


Addon Domains

cPanel Hosting


WEB MAGE Hosting FAQ's


Can I host multiple Web sites within one Hosting plan?

Yes! Our hosting plans allow you to host more than one Website, by adding secondary domains through your hosting control panel i.e. cPanel.


Is Email hosting included in my package?

Yes, all our Hosting packages come with Email Hosting which shares the same server space that is allocated to your chosen plan.


Can I upgrade to a higher plan?

Yes, you can easily upgrade to one of our higher plans at any time.


Who do I get in touch with if I need help?

WEB MAGE is always at hand to assist you. You can take a look at all our contact details here.


Is a Dedicated IP available?

Yes, at an additional cost. You can raise a support ticket to get a dedicated IP.


How do I install an SSL certificate on my Website?

You can purchase and SSL certificate once you sign up for a WEB MAGE Hosting package. To install the SSL on your server, you need to get in touch with our support team and we will get it installed for you.


What is your backup policy?

You are responsible for your backups and web content. Weekly backups are created, and at a cost of £20 GBP can restore your web, email and database content from those per your request. However, this is NOT a procedure you should rely on to keep copies of your content safe; we recommend you make your own backups. You can take a backup from your cPanel or better, use a remote backup solution such as CodeGuard.


WEB MAGE Hosting is the perfect solution for those who want to let the professionals take care of the web-things, while they focus on more important things.


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